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Who has got the most flexible face in your party? Put it to the test with this rather silly game.

The first player says: 'My Auntie Ermintrude's a funny old soul'. The player next to him replies: 'Why, what's she like?'

The first player then describes what it is that makes Auntie Ermintrude so odd. He may say 'Her nose is always wrinkled up' and suit the action to the word by wrinkling his own nose. All the other players must wrinkle their noses in the same way.

The second player now says 'My Auntie Ermintrude's a funny old soul'. When asked why, he gives a different answer. She may have her mouth hanging open, or her cheeks puffed out, or a finger in her left ear, or her eyes crossed, or anything else he can think of.

The game goes round to each player, who thinks up some new oddity. And every one is added to the last, until all the faces of the players are so contorted that someone fails to keep his under control. Any player who forgets the actions must drop out. Likewise, anyone who giggles or even smiles is out of the game.

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