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Keeping a straight face is easy enough most of the time. But as soon as someone tells you not to smile, it becomes impossible.

This game is best played when the passengers are sitting opposite each other, as in a train or a waiting room. It has the added advantage of not making any noise unless, of course, you get a fit of the giggles.

Taking it in turns, the players make silly faces at each other. Most children know scores of faces to pull, so we shan't suggest any except my favourite. It was made famous by the comedian Harpo Marx, and goes like this: puff out your cheeks, stick your tongue out a little way, look at your nose and bring down your eyebrows as low as you can all at the same time! This one never fails.

The aim is to make the other players break into a smile. They, on the other hand, have to keep their faces rigidly serious. The player who keeps a straight face longest is the winner.

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