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You need two teams of at least two players each for this game. You also need a very small object, such as a button, a sweet or a counter.

One team shut their eyes tight, while the other takes the object. The players hide the object in one of their fists, then hold up all their fists in a line. The first team now open their eyes and start to search for the object.

They can do this in two ways. If they think a fist is empty, they can say 'Take it away', in which case that hand is removed. If they think a fist contains the object, they can say 'Open, Sesame!', and the hand must be opened.

The guessing team may mistakenly order the fist containing the object to be taken away. If this happens, they lose the round and the other side gets another turn. But, if they find the object successfully, it is handed to them to be concealed. The team which manages to keep the object hidden three rounds in a row is the winner.

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