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Why Simon? And who was he anyway? Nobody knows for certain, but surely everybody knows the game.

One of the players is chosen to be Simon. He tells the others to perform a series of actions: 'Put your hands on your head', 'Stick out your left elbow', Tat your knees' and so on. The actions can be anything you like, as long as they don't cause too much noise or impede the driver's vision.

The point is that the players only obey the intructions when they are prefaced by the words 'Simon says . . .'At 'Simon says clap your hands', they should all clap their hands. But if the order is simply 'Clap your hands' they should do nothing. Anyone whc performs an action without the magic words must drop out of the game. Likewise, anyone who doesn't perform an action when Simon says so must drop out. The last person remaining is the winner.

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