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A 'Draughts' board can be used for many other games besides straight 'Draughts' or 'Chess'. Here is one which can be played by a single person.

You start by putting men on all the white squares on the board. As there are only twenty-four Draughtsmen you will have to 'borrow' some Pawns from the 'Chess' set to fill up the remaining eight white squares. Now remove one of the men to uncover one white square, anywhere on the board.

Your aim is to 'take' all the men on the board except one. You do this, just as in 'Draughts', by jumping over one man with another, and removing the one which has been jumped over. And remember, you must have a space to land in on the other side. White squares only may be used, so all jumps are made diagonally.

This is a very difficult game to finish, and you will find yourself getting stuck with men scattered in the corners of the board unable to take each other. The trick is to plan ahead and keep your men close together.

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