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The excitement of high-seas warfare brought to the back seat of your car! This game is usually played between two people but it could, with ingenuity, be stretched to involve four players, with each pair in an alliance against the other.

Each player (or side) has a sheet of paper on which he draws a large square divided into thirty-six smaller squares (six by six). Along the top, the squares are marked 1 to 6. Down the side, they are marked A to F. Thus any square can be identified by co-ordinating letter and number as shown in the diagram.


Each player also has at this disposal a fleet of battleships:

One aircraft carrier (worth 10 points) Two destroyers (worth 5 points each) Two submarines (worth 3 points each) Three minesweepers (worth 1 point each)

He must organise his fleet by marking the position of each vessel in one of the squares. The aircraft carrier is marked A, the destroyers D, the submarines S and the minesweepers M. The players must take care to keep their battle plans hidden from each other.

Now battle commences. The players take it in turns to fire at each other. Just as in a real naval battle, they cannot actually see what they are firing at, so they aim at a position over the horizon. The first player calls out a square number: 'D4', for example, or 'A2'. If his opponent has a ship in that square, then he has scored a direct hit and the vessel is sunk.

Each player has twelve rounds to fire. When the barrage is over, the casualties are counted up. The players total up the points for each ship they have sunk. The one with the most points is the winner.

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