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One player is chosen to be the Hangman. He then thinks of a word containing between six and ten letters, and the others have to guess what it is. The only clue he gives them is to mark a series of dashes on a piece of paper, each dash representing a letter in the word.

The other players suggest possible letters. If they suggest one which is contained in the word, the hangman writes it down on the appropriate dashes. So, if the word is ROCKET, and someone suggests the letter K, then the

dashes will read:_ _ _ K _ _. When someone says 'O', the dashes will read: _ O _ K _ _ . And so on.

But, if an incorrect letter is suggested, the hangman can begin the grisly job of building his gallows. For every wrong letter, he can add one piece. The sequence is as shown in the diagrams.

If the hangman completes his gallows before the word has been guessed, then he has won, and has another turn. If one of the others guesses the word correctly before this, they take a turn.

Hints for the Hangman: It is important to choose a word which has unusual letters, if possible, and one in which each letter occurs only once.

Hints for Condemned Criminals: Start off by suggesting all the most common letters, such as E, T, S, R, A.

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