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Each player has a sheet of drawing paper, which he folds, concertina-fashion, into three. On the top section of the sheet he draws a head (the more grotesque the better), making sure that the lines of the neck just creep over the bottom of the fold onto the middle section.

He re-folds the paper so that the head is hidden and hands his sheet to the next player. Then, using the neck lines as a guide, each player draws a body on the middle section. This time, he makes sure that the-lines of the leg tops just creep onto the bottom section.

The paper is re-folded so that only the bottom section is showing, and passed on to the third player. He draws the legs. By this time, each picture is complete, with head, body and legs drawn by different people.

One by one, the sheets are unfolded to reveal the finished drawings. The method can give some very funny results indeed.

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