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When you start learning to draw, you find that most objects can be simply boiled down into shapes circles, triangles, squares and so on. In this game, you do it the other way round, starting with the shapes and trying to make them into objects.

Each player has a sheet of drawing paper. One person names a shape, and everyone has to sketch as many objects as they can think of, using that shape. At the end of five minutes, the person with the most ideas is judged to be the winner.

Ingenious artists should be able to think of plenty of suitable objects. An oval, for example, can be turned into an egg, a face, a bowl, an eye, a lemon, a tulip, and many other things. A triangle can be turned into a hat, a sail, a rocket, a volcano, a roof and a sandwich.

The game can be made more complicated by using two shapes at a time a cylinder and a circle, say, or a square and a rectangle.

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