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Here's another version of a pencil-stabbing game, this time adapted to the game of tennis. You will need an old magazine or newspaper anything with a lot of closely-printed words on it (which nobody wants to read again!). And each player will need his own pencil.

After tossing a coin to decide who will begin, the 'server' closes his eyes and stabs his pencil onto the page. If the point lands on white space or on a consonant , then the ball is safely over the net.

The other player returns service by closing his eyes arid also stabbing with the pencil. If he lands on another consonant or piece of space, then the service is returned successfully. The rally goes on, back and forth, until one of the players lands on a vowel or a punctuation mark. This means that he has won the point, and the first player serves again.

Scoring goes as in tennis: 15 Love (if the server wins first point), 30 Love, 40 Love and Game. All the same rules about advantage points and so on apply. The first player to win six games takes the first set (as long as he is at least two games ahead). Matches can have two or three sets, depending on how much time you have to spend.

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