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You'll have to read these instructions carefully, because you may find this game hard to grasp at first. It needs two players only.

Two dots are drawn on a sheet of paper. The first player starts by joining the two dots with a line, and marking another dot midway along that line, picture 1.

The second player now draws a line (it will have to be curved) between any two of the three dots, and marks another dot in the middle of the new line. Now the pattern might look like picture 2.

At this point, the dot in the middle of the first line has three lines entering it, so it cannot be used again. A small circle is drawn round it to show this, picture 3. No new line may cross another.

The first player draws his next line, picture 3.

Now the left-hand dot has three lines entering it, so it cannot be used again. The second player draws again, picture 4.

And so the game goes on until there are no more dots left to be joined. Remember that no dot can have more than three lines entering it, and no line may cross another. The last player to be able to join two dots is the winner.

Persevere, and you will soon get the hang of it. Once you are fairly skilled, you can make the game more complicated by starting off with three dots (in the shape of a triangle) or even four (in the shape of a square).

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