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Also known as Twenty Questions', this game started life as a radio panel game. It is played in much the same way as 'Who am I?', except that you are trying to guess an object instead of a person.

One person thinks of an object. He gives one clue by telling the others whether it is 'animal' , 'vegetable' or 'mineral'. If the object is an elephant, for instance, then it is 'animal'; a carrot is, obviously, 'vegetable'; a railway engine is 'mineral', being made of iron and suchlike materials. Some objects will need more elaborate descriptions: a penknife, for example, may be both 'vegetable' (the wooden handle) and 'mineral' (the steel blade).

The guessers are limited to twenty questions only, to which the answers should be plain 'Yes' or 'No'. If they fail to get the correct answer, then the person who set the question gains a point. He also sets the next question. The first to five points is the winner.

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