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The object of this game is to get the right answer by asking the wrong questions. This may sound daft, but after a few practice rounds you should get the hang of it.

One player thinks of an item (keep it simple at first). The others then ask him questions to try and find out what it is. The questions shouldn't be simple ones about 'Is it a so-and-so?'. They should be general queries about anything under the sun. In fact the more disconnected they are, the better.

It is the person giving the answers who has the hardest job. He is not allowed to give a simple 'Yes' or 'No'. Every one of his replies must mention the secret item, but to disguise it he calls it a 'gooseberry pie' instead.

Here are a few examples to get you started. Let's say the secret item is an apple. The questioners might ask 'Are you hungry?', to which the reply is 'No, I've got a gooseberry pie in my pocket'. The next question is 'Have you been to the doctor lately?', to which the reply is 'No, I eat a gooseberry pie every day'. And so on. The game requires a sense of humour on both sides to keep it going.

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