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This game is so old and well-known, it was probably played by cavemen on dull winter evenings. Everyone should know the rules: one person picks out something he can see, and says to the others 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with . . . [the first letter of the object]'. The others have to guess what it is.

This game is fine if you are all stuck in one place. But if you are motoring along at speed, the object may be miles behind before anyone can guess it. One solution to this problem is to restrict yourselves to things on or inside the car windscreen wipers, ashtrays, and so on.

However, this rather limits your range. Another version of the game is called 'I Did Spy'. One player begins by noting an object outside and saying 'I did spy, with my little eye something beginning with . . .'. As an extra clue, he might another snippet of information. If it was a cow, he could say 'And it had four legs'; if it was an electricity pylon, he could say 'And it was very tall'.

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