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What are you taking with you on holiday? Some pretty odd things, if this game is anything to go by!

First of all, you choose a person to lead the game. He announces what he has got in his suitcase. One by one, the other players then say what they have got in their suitcases. Whatever they choose should have as little as possible to do with what everyone else has packed.

Now comes Round Two. The leader tells the others what he is going to do with the object in his suitcase. They in their turn have to announce that they are going to do precisely the same to theirs.

For example, the leader begins by saying: 'In my suitcase is a donkey'. The other players continue:

'In my suitcase is a tin of beans.'

'In my suitcase is a newspaper.'

'In my suitcase is a.cherry tree.'

'In my suitcase is a policeman's helmet.'

For Round Two, the leader then announces: 'I am going to ride on my donkey'. The others must follow suit by saying that they, too, are going to ride on their tin of beans, their newspaper, their cherry tree and their policeman's helmet.

Like 'Gooseberry Pie', this game gets funnier the more times you play it. The more imagination that is used, the better.

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