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This journey actually takes place in the daylight. But all the players except one have their eyes tightly closed. The remaining player describes to them what is passing by outside cars, lorries, buildings and people. In fact, he gives a running commentary to tell them what they are missing.

However, the game is more complicated than that! The commentator has to slip in a few whoppers as well. He might describe a castle by the roadside that is entirely a product of his imagination. He might say that the vehicle in front is an oil tanker when it is actually a motor-bike.

The others have to try and guess which facts are true and which are false. The skill of the commentator lies in making real objects sound phoney, and the phoney ones real.

Take turns to be the commentator for about three minutes each. Score one point against you for each time you are caught out, so the person with the fewest points wins the game.

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