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How long does it take your car to travel one mile? The driver can keep an eye on the speedometer and mileome-ter, but the passengers in the back will have to crane their necks to see. Here is a game to see how well they can judge distances. It is best played on a motorway, where the car keeps going at a steady speed.

When the driver tells them to, all the players (not the driver!) close their eyes. As soon as they think that a mile has gone by, they call out 'When!'. The driver, meanwhile, has been watching the mileometer. The player whose call is most accurate is the winner.

This game can be played just as easily (with one important variation) when you are sitting in an airport or railway station. All you have to do is substitute one minute for one mile. The players can call out when they think one minute has passed. The umpire in this case must have a watch.

Yet another variation on this theme is 'Five-Minute Free-For-All'. Here, the players have to estimate how far the car will have travelled in five minutes' time. Their guesses are all written down on a piece of paper. At the end of five minutes, the driver announces the distance, and the player nearest to it is the winner.

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