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A dictionary is needed for this game. The first player searches through it until he finds a word which he thinks nobody else will know the meaning of. The more difficult and obscure the word, the better. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary has plenty of these, from 'anosmia' and 'bo-targo' to 'yeanling' and 'zygote').

He then decides whether he is going to give the true definition of the word, or make one up. Making up a completely bogus meaning is great fun but not as easy as it sounds. Remember, that it has to sound like the right meaning.

True or false, he has try and bamboozle the other players. Once he has given a definition, the others have to decide whether it is the right one or not. If they guess correctly, then the dictionary is handed on to the next person. If they guess wrongly, then the first player sets another problem.

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