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This old favourite can be played at any time, anywhere even in the dark. One person is chosen to start. He or she thinks of a famous person, either real, or out of a story. There are literally thousands of possibilities, from Donald Duck and Superman to William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I.

The other players have to try to work out who the person is by asking questions in turn. But the answers can only be 'Yes' or 'No'. The trick is to begin by asking very general questions, such as 'Are you alive?' or 'Are you real?', and then slowly narrow down the subject.

The first person to guess the name correctly is the winner. He takes the next turn to think of a famous character.

It is best to put a limit on the number of questions which can be asked, or on the time allowed for questioning. If nobody guesses the correct name, the first player reveals who he is, and has another turn. However, if the character he thought of is considered to be too obscure, then that player is disqualified.

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