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More adding up! Once again there are two teams, but this time they are the 'Angels' and the 'Devils'. As a car passes, the numbers on its number plate are added up. If the total is less than thirteen, then that's a point to the 'Angels'. If it's more than thirteen, the 'Devils' take a point.

Why the names? Well, everyone knows that the number thirteen is supposed to be unlucky. Fewer know that this is because it is the Devil's own special number.

And why thirteen? The choice of this number is simply to give both sides an equal chance. The biggest total which can be made from a three-digit number is 27 (9 plus 9 plus 9). Thirteen comes just about (work it out for yourself) half-away between nought and 27.

If by chance the total comes to exactly thirteen, then the point goes to whichever side shouts out their team name first 'Angels!' or 'Devils!'.

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