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This is another team game. As well as luck, it needs a quick mathematical brain. It also needs an official scorer, because the players will be so busy working out sums in their heads that they won't have time to keep their own tallies. The scorer keeps count either by jotting scores down on a sheet of paper, or by handing out markers (match-sticks, buttons, counters or anything small).

One team is the 'Fives' and the other is the 'Threes'. Both teams watch out for number plates and add up the numbers on each one. Then they work out whether the total can be divided by their team number.

For example, if the number plate reads 579, the total is 21 (5 plus 7 plus 9). This cannot be divided by 5, so it's no good to the 'Fives' team. But it can be divided by 3 (21 divided by 3 equals 7), and so the 'Threes' team earns a point.

Smart readers may already have worked out that there is one number which can be divided by both 5 and 3. That's right, it's 15. If this total comes up, then the first team to shout out 'Doubles' can claim the point.

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