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The driver of a car can't drive and read a map at the same time. On a long journey, he will be glad to have someone who can give him directions from a map or road atlas.

The 'navigator' doesn't have to be a grown-up. In fact, many grown-ups are terrible at reading maps. I know someone who directed the driver in entirely the wrong direction because he was holding the map upside down...

So, if one of the younger passengers can read a map properly and has a good sense of direction, he or she can be trusted with the job of navigating. To do this properly, you will have to plan the route before the journey starts. Make a list of the roads you will be travelling on, and-where you will have to take turnings. You might also be able to work out how long the journey will be.

Once you are on the road, watch out for sign-posts. This is especially important with busy cities, where there are complicated ring-roads and by-passes. And remember that new roads may have been built since your map was first published. Give the driver plenty of warning when a turning is coming up.

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