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There are lots of sports which can be fitted into travelling games. Perhaps the oldest favourite of all is Pub Cricket, also known by the those who like puns as 'Innings'. Like the previous game, it is based entirely on inn signs.

The players organise themselves into two teams, and toss a coin to see who will take first innings. Both teams then watch carefully for pubs by the roadside. The batting side scores runs whenever they spot a pub name which includes parts of the body. Each part counts as one run. Thus The Duke's Head counts as one run, while The Dog and Fox counts as twelve (eight legs, two bodies, two heads).

The score mounts up until a pub is passed which has no parts of the body at all. Some obvious examples are the Blue Anchor, The Six Bells or The Plume of Feathers. This means that a wicket has fallen. Each side's innings goes on until ten 'wickets' are down. The side which has scored the most runs at the end wins.

Usually, the game consists of one innings for each side.

However, if you've got some way of writing down the scores, you could make it a two-innings match.

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