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An ordinary road atlas is fine for getting you from A to B. But it doesn't show much apart from roads, railways and rivers. You will learn far more about the area you are travelling through if you have a larger-scale map. For road travel, the best would be on a scale of 1:50,000.

On this scale, the map gives plenty of interesting detail. First of all, find out exactly where you are on it, and then trace your journey over it. As you learn to 'read' the signs, you will be able to match them with what you can see out of the window (remember to keep your finger on the map to mark your position when you look up).

You can also entertain and inform other passengers by giving a running commentary on the surrounding sights. You can point out ruined castles, lakes, fine houses, factories, canals, very high hills and many other things which they mightn't have noticed for themselves.

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