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Just the game for a slow journey through a crowded town. First of all, each player is given a list of things he or she has to buy on an imaginary shopping expedition. Here are some examples:

List One:
A pound of sausages
A clock A melon
A hammer
A bar of soap

List Two:
A pair of socks
A pack of playing cards
A camera Fish-fingers
A loaf of bread

List Three:
A dictionary
A dozen eggs
A pair of shoes
An umbrella
A book of stamps

The players carefully examine each side of the street, looking for the shops where they can buy these things. The sausages will be bought at a butcher's, the soap at a chemist's, the shoes at a shoe shop, and so on.

As soon as one of these is seen, the player ticks off the item from his list. Supermarkets, by the way, don't count because they sell so many different things.

The winner is, of course, the player who gets all his shopping completed first.

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