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Sing your way through the alphabet! The first singer begins at A with 'Aiken Drum' or 'Amazing Grace', the second carries on with 'Boys and Girls, Come Out to Play' or 'Brown Girl in the Ring', and the third with 'Clementine' or 'Cockles and Mussels'. As soon as anyone fails to think of a song, he drops out. The last person left singing is the winner.

Unless you are very resourceful, it is best to omit the letters X and Z and perhaps O as well. There may also be some argument about exactly what a song's title is. The famous tale of the Fox Who Went Out on a Chilly Night is known by various names, for example, including 'Old Daddy Fox' and 'The Fox and the Goose'. 'Cockles and Mussels' is also known as 'In Dublin's Fair City'. To prevent squabbles, one passenger should be chosen as judge of these matters.

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