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Here are some guessing games with music or rather, without music, because that is what you have to guess.

One way to disguise a tune is to tap out the rhythm only. The first player thinks of a well-known song, and then beats out the rhythm, either by tapping a pencil on a hard surface, or by clapping his hands gently together. (Some people prefer to knock on their teeth with a pen, which makes rather a nice noise.) The others have to try to guess the song. Whoever makes the correct guess becomes the next 'tapper'.

Another disguise is to leave out both words and rhythm and simply mouth the song. The other players must lip-read carefully to find out what it is.

Finally, you can give only the tiniest of clues. Hum or la-la the first two notes of the tune. If no one manages to guess correctly, then you give the first three notes. If the tune is still unidentified, you give four notes, and so on until someone recognises it.

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