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For this, you need a cassette/cd player and a cassette/cd with some well-known songs on it. Of course, you can just sit and listen to the songs for a while, but if you want some action, make a game of it.

One player is put in charge of the machine. If you are in a car, and the cassette/cd player is fitted in front, then this will have to be somebody in the front seat (but not the driver it will distract him too much).

A passenger is selected to start the singing. The tape is switched on, and the passenger sings along with it. Then, after about ten seconds, the volume is turned right down, and the singer must carry on by himself, keeping as close as he can to the tempo of the original.

After another ten seconds, the volume is turned up again. At this point you will find out how good the singer has been at keeping time. If he is still exactly in synchronisation with the singer on the tape (i.e. if he has reached exactly the same part of the song), he scores three points. If he is reasonably near (to within the same line), he scores one point. Each player takes turns, and the first to reach ten points is the winner.

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