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A game that involves no noise at all! The object of it is for each player in turn to mime a nursery rhyme. The better the mime, the easier it will be for the others to guess correctly.

The first player thinks of a well-known nursery rhyme. Then he performs a charade of the story. Let's take an easy example, such as 'Old King Cole'. For the first line, 'Old King Cole was a merry old soul', the player mimes the wearing of a crown (to show the king) and laughter (to show the merriment). Then he mimes the puffing of a pipe, the eating from a bowl, and the playing of the fiddlers three.

Other rhymes may call for a lot more ingenuity. Portraying the 'Three Blind Mice', the 'Little Nut-Tree' and the 'Pussy in the Well' will prove rather difficult. So if you are stuck for a mime, try breaking down the words into syllables and miming these separately.

The player who guesses the nursery rhyme correctly becomes the next to perform a charade. However, if no one gets it right the first player has another turn.

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