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Anyone can make up a rhyme at least, they think they can. After a few rounds of this game you will see how tricky it is.

One player begins a story in verse by thinking up the first line. This could be to do with the journey:

'Off we all went along the road'

The second player has to complete the couplet and think of a third line:

'Our car was carrying quite a load.
When all at once we heard a crunch . . .'

The third player carries on:

'And knew it must be time for lunch.
The car was stopped. We all got out . . .'

And the fourth:

'And dined on salmon steaks and trout.
For pudding we had toasted cheese . . .'

And so on. If a player fails to think of a proper rhyme in time, he must drop out of the game. The winner is the last 'poet' left.

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