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A rhyming couplet is made up of two successive lines which rhyme with each other. Now for something much more devilish a poem in which every single line must rhyme!

It is organised in much the same way as before. One player thinks up the first line. This can be any old nonsense, as long as it has a thumpety-thump sort of rhythm. For example:

'As I was walking down the street' The next player follows up with a second line. This must not only have something to do with the first, it must also rhyme. For example:

'I saw a man with seven feet.' The third line must also rhyme:

'He said to me "My name is Pete".' And the fourth:

'"I know my shoes are not too neat"' And the fifth:

'"But when I run I'm hard to beat!'"

Round and round it goes, until someone fails to come up with a rhyme. The first time, he loses half a life, and a new poem is begun. If he loses a second time, then he drops out. The last person still rhyming is the winner.

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