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For this hilarious but confusing game the players should be sitting in a circle. They also need two small objects to pass round. These could, be anything a small toy, a matchbox, a tin or a rolled-up handkerchief.

The first player takes one of the objects and hands it to the person on his left, saying 'This is a dog'. The second player asks 'A What?, to which the first player says again 'A dog'. The second player passes, the object on to the third player, once again saying 'This is a dog' and going through the same routine.

As soon as the first object is passing round to his left, the first player then picks up the second object and hands it to the player on his right, saying This is a cat (or any other animal, as long as it isn't a dog). He receives the same answer, 'A What?, and repeats his statement.

Thus you have two objects with different names passing round the circle in opposite directions. The confusion begins when they meet!

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