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There is no shortage of words which begin with Ad Adventure, Address, Adder, Adjust, Advance, and so on. Likewise, there are plenty of words beginning with Ant Antelope, Antarctic, Antler, Anticipate, and so on.

Here is a guessing game involving Ads and Ants. One at a time, the players think of words beginning with either Ad or Ant and describe them in simple terms. For instance, if the word was 'Admit', the player would say 'An Ad which gets you into places'. If the word was 'Antique', he would say 'An Ant that you find in a second-hand shop'. Of course, the clues can be more difficult than that, but there is the basic idea.

There is another way of playing the game which needs time for preparation. One player writes out a list of Ads and Ants and their definitions, and then reads them out one by one for the others to guess.

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