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This is an alphabetical game, but it doesn't involve any writing. The aim is to tell a story from player to player going right through the alphabet.

Player Number One thinks of a subject for the story beginning with an A. For example, he might say: 'A was an Artichoke'. The second player carries the tale on by naming an incident beginning with B: 'B baked it'. On it goes: 'C cooked it', 'D diced it', 'E encrusted it', 'F fried it', 'G gobbled it all up' until (if you're all clever enough) you get to Z.

Each incident must have something to do with what has gone before. For instance, an Artichoke is a vegetable so it can't suddenly start running about or behaving as a human might do (you could get round this perhaps by saying 'E enchanted it', or even 'C changed it into a frog'!).

Any player who fails to think up a suitable incident within a short time-limit (say, five seconds) must drop out. If nobody has won by the time you reach Z, then you begin again at A.

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