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A pun is usually defined as 'a play on words'. This means that it is a way of joking, using two words which sound the same but which have different meanings. For example, the answer to the question 'Which English county has the most dogs in it? would be, of course, 'Barkshire' (or 'Berkshire').

Many people are rude about puns, but they can give a lot of simple amusement. One old favourite is the game of making up silly authors' names to suit particular books. Here is a list of the best-known examples:

The Broken Window by Eva Brick The Fall from the Cliff by Eileen Dover A Policeman's Story by Watts E. Dunne Travels in China by Rick Shaw A Guide for Singers by Topsy Sharp - There are hundreds more at too!

Can you think up any more? Set a time limit of ten minutes and then see who has thought of the funniest batty books.

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