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Is there anyone who doesn't know about 'Knock, Knock' jokes? They are another daft way of playing with puns, and the formula is as old as the hills. For example:

First Player: 'Knock, Knock!' Second Player: 'Who's there?' First Player: 'Juno.' Second Player: 'Juno who?'

First Player: 'Juno there's a hole in the seat of your trousers?'

People called Arthur, Amos, Ava, Willy, Ivor and Sarah often appear in these jokes, because their names are well suited to starting puns.

Have a go at composing your own 'Knock, Knocks'. Ask someone to give you a name to build it round, and see if you can wangle a pun out of it. You can find thousands more at too!

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