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The object of this game is to answer a stream of questions without ever using the words 'Yes' or 'No'.

One player is selected to answer the questions. The other players then pose him a stream of questions, each of which tries to make him use 'Yes' or 'No'. For example, the question 'Have you got two heads?' may be replied to with the words 'I have not got two heads'. The question 'Did you brush your teeth this morning?' needs the answer 'Of course I did' or something similar.

The questions should not have anything to do with each other, and should be fired at the answerer as quickly as possible so as to confuse him. As soon as he forgets himself and says 'Yes' or 'No', the job of answering passes on to the next player.

The game can be made yet more devilish by the banning of any words with a 'No' or 'Yes' sound in them, such as 'Nose', or 'Knows' or 'Yesterday'.

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