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This is one of the oldest of all travel games, and also one of the simplest. The first player thinks of the name of a town anywhere in the world and calls it out.

The second player immediately tries to think of another town whose first letter is the same as the last letter of the town just called. The third player follows on with a town beginning with the new last letter.

For example, one player may say 'BasingstokE'. The next may say 'EdinburgH', the next 'HanoI', the next 'IstanbuL', and the next 'LancasteR'. No town may be used more than once.

A time-limit of fifteen seconds is allowed for each player to think of a new name. This can be measured either by using the second hand of a watch, or by the other players counting out loud. Anyone who fails to think of a new name in time drops out of the game.

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