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You may be able to tell what this game is about from its title. The players take it in turns to say words, each of which must have some definite connection with the one before. Tennis' can be connected with 'Elbow' (tennis elbow) and 'Elbow' can be connected with 'Foot' (they are both parts of the body).

There should be scarcely any pause for thought between turns. Anyone who fails to think of a new word straight away must drop out.

The sequence could be continued like this: Foot . . . Yard . . . Gate . . . Vault . . . Crypt . . . Vampire . . . Bat . . . Stump . . . Tree . . . Top . . . Bottom . . . Drawer . . . Artist . . . and so on, until all the players have dropped out except one.

Players are free to challenge any word if they think that its connection with the preceding one is doubtful. If the connection cannot be explained to everybody's satisfaction, then the player who called it must drop out.

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