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Every ship has to carry a log book, in which are recorded the details of each voyage. Why shouldn't your car have one too?

All you need is a new notebook and something to write with. At the beginning, you note down the details of the journey the make of car and its licence number, the names of the driver and passengers, the date, the destination and time you leave. Look at the reading on the mileometer before you start, and write that down as well.

During the journey, make a record of every stop you make, and of any important event, such as crossing a toll bridge, or leaving a motorway. Write down the times and places, each time looking at the mileometer to see how far you have travelled. The driver will probably be grateful if you record the amount of petrol put in at each garage stop, so that he can work out how efficiently the car is running.

All sorts of extra details can be included, like what you ate for lunch and what the weather was like. At the end of the journey, add up the separate totals of miles travelled, time taken and petrol used. To give it an official flourish, ask the driver to put his signature at the bottom of the page.

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