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How would you like to have a new name? It's easy. All you have to do is write down the letters of your real name and re-organise them into a new one. In fact, you might be able to think up a whole range of new names for yourself.

Success at this game depends largely on whether you've got a suitable name to start with. Somebody called ANN DUNN or JACK JONES is going to have a hard job! On the other hand, if your name is full of useful vowels and simple consonants you should have no difficulties.

You are allowed to use titles ('Sir', 'Lady', 'Lord' and so on) and initials. By making use of all these possibilities, the entertainer Richard Stilgoe was able to write an entire book of stories featuring versions of his name. Among the characters were ERIC ROADLIGHTS, GILES T. HAIRCORD, SIR ERIC GOLDHAT and DR GLORIA ETHICS!

So that everyone starts equal, it may be best to select the names of famous people to work on. You might decide to choose film stars, for instance. Each player thinks of a well-known actor and makes an anagram of his or her name. The others have to guess who is the real person beneath the disguise.

Check out for hundreds of hilarious examples - as an alternative take a few of the anagrams and see if people can work out the original person, name or item!

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