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Here's another strange word. A palindrome is not a kind of camel. Nor is it an old-fashioned dance hall. It is simply a word, a phrase or a sentence which reads the same backwards as forwards.

The best-known palindromes are Adam's first words to Eve in the Garden of Eden ('Madam, I'm Adam') and Napoleon's thoughts on his island of exile ('Able was I ere I saw Elba'). And there are thousands of others, some simple ('Live not on evil') and some so complicated that there is no room for them here.

Addicts spend hours trying to compose longer and longer palindromes. Probably the longest of all was written in 1983 and contained 65,000 words!

Try your hand at this puzzle. Give each player a time limit of, say, fifteen minutes and then see who has the longest palindrome. But remember, they must all make sense.

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